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Joel Diringer Affordable Care Act Seminar for Attorneyshas presented numerous talks on a webinar on Health Care Reform and Immigrant Families: Who is Eligible for What? throughout California. View the slides  that cover how health care reform affects immigrant families, including documented, undocumented, and mixed status, with additional resources here.

New Report
See the report of the San Luis Obispo County Behavioral Health Integration Project Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Services in San Luis Obispo County: Assessing the Shifting Landscape  and its EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. 

In the News

California Covers All Childen in Medi-Cal and considers covering all adults:

After 15 years of advocacy California is providing Medi-Cal coverage to all eligible children regardless of immigration status. A great victory on the road to Health4All. The Lucien Wulsin’s blog on the history of this effort, and a recent article in Modern Healthcare “Will California sell plans to undocumented immigrant?” quoting Joel Diringer.