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We have to get serious about protecting California farmworkers during COVID-19

See a recent op/ed in Cal Matters on how stricter enforcement of COVID-19 protections will save lives of vulnerable farmworkers. Also, see articles in Salinas Californian, San Luis Obispo Tribune, and Cal Matters.

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Our new program provides assistance to immigrant families who were excluded from federal COVID-19 relief. Our efforts have garnered over $200,000 to support San Luis Obispo County immigrant families.

See the articles in New Times, San Luis Obispo Tribune and the Atascadero News. Please donate by going to SLO County UndocuSupport web page

San Luis Obispo County Oral Health Needs Assessment and Oral Health Improvement Plan, December 2018

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CNN Health:
Fear could stop the coronavirus vaccine from reaching some of the people who need it most. Read the CNN Health article:  As vaccine distribution ramps up across the United States, advocates and public health experts are warning that more steps must be taken to make sure millions of undocumented immigrants have access to vaccines — and aren’t too scared to sign up.

“There’s fear and then there’s also logistical barriers,” says Joel Diringer, a consultant for the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation who has been pushing for California officials to do more to prioritize farmworkers in that state’s vaccine response.

Farmworkers should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccine, coalition of advocacy groups says.  Read the article in the Desert Sun and see the policy brief prepared for  COVID-19 Farmworker and Rural Immigrant Community Advocacy Coalition,  on why farmworkers and their communities should be a priority population in the state’s Vaccination Plan.

KVEC Dave Congalton Hometown Radio February 13, 2019 (Part 2). Local radio call-in show on ACA and health care. Click here for podcast.

KCBX Central Coast Voices February 7, 2019 show on oral health in San Luis Obispo County. Click here to listen.

New York Times Reports on Poverty and Malnutrition of California Farmworkers:

“The people who grow our food can’t afford to eat it, and they are sicker because of it,” said Joel Diringer, a public health specialist and advocate for farmworkers. “It’s an incredible irony that those who work in the fields all day long don’t have access to the fresh produce that they harvest.” Read the full article here.

UC Davis Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety blog post features are recent talk by Joel Diringer on the future of health coverage for California farmworkers. A copy of the slides can be accessed here